Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Update on Hubby

Things have been so calm with hubby lately that I forgot that this disease is progressing. Last Sunday hubby ask to go to church that was fine. We were ready to go out the door when hubby anounced that he was going to go down to the front of the church during the invitation and tell everybody that he was a minister. He was wanting to join the church he didn't care which one just so he could tell them he was a minister. When I tried to talk him out of joining the church he said he wouldn't go if he couldn't join his way. So we didn't go. I feel guilty keeping him from church but I don't know what he will do. I have been trying to get ahold of the pastor at First Baptist Canton to talk to him about how we can go about this with the littlest hoopaloo. Now I am having second thoughts about how we will be received. The pastor is from the southern part of New Mexico, he knows L and I'm sure B by reputation. He also knows my former boss when I was youth secretary at FBC Albuquerque. The church isn't into the fundy stuff so much they still belong to the Baptist General Convention of Texas so that is a plus. Every time we meet someone and they find out we are baptist they invite us to FBC of Canton. Well, he called and I will see him tomorrow afternoon.

Hubby has also been very bossy with Michelle. They were drawing last week and Michelle wasn't doing it the way hubby wanted her to so he took everything away from her and made her quit. I tried to explain it to Michelle but she doesn't understand. Hubby is in to reading the last month he has read everything we picked up at the second hand book store. He is re-reading the Zane Grey books and today he was out of reading again so he was looking through the books in the office. He has started walking around the lake once or twice a day. That should be helping him. He likes the new dog sometimes and sometimes he thinks she is too much trouble. He has been loosing his most recet memory.

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