Wednesday, February 22, 2006

February 22, 2006

Weather has been terrible, rain, fog, ice and bitter cold.

Fry's called and said my computer is back from California. I can't go pick it up until Saturday. I quess I will have to try it very long time before I am convinced it is fixed. I hope it isn't going to cost any money as I am fresh out this month and checks don't come in until Monday.

Hubby has his out patient surgery tomorrow. I quess he is having it we still don't have a time for his surgery. I supose they will call at 6 in the morning and say be here in 30 minutes. It takes and hour and a half to drive to Dallas. Oh, well I quess I will try calling today to see what is going on.

Weight Watchers is going slow but some weight loss.

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