Thursday, January 19, 2006

More Houses

Leaving the junction and going to California to get married. We lived in travel trailers, converted chicken coups, and assorted military housing. Too much moving in and out to have any feel of a presence in those houses of coups.

The duplex in NC we lived through a hurricane. We had such a great church family there it was great. The next military housing was in California just before hubby got out. It was a barracks of a building with 6 apartments. Three upstairs and three downstairs. We lived in the middle downstairs it was a lively group of marines and wifes and lots of kids. Hubby had just come back from Japan so we were having trouble being a family again. Hubby got out to go to school to preach. That house was just a stopping over place.

When hubby got out of the marines and we moved to Riverside for him to go to school. We rented a cozy little cottage it was at the back of a large lot with lots of palm trees out front. Someone had given us a little black scotty dog that we kept chained during the day out front. Poor dog would run the length of the chain and it would flip him and he would land on his feet. His name was spike and the boys loved him. He slept in the house with us at night. The kids bedroom had stars that glowed in the dark on the ceiling the boys loved it. Soap operas on TV were started while we lived in that house how I loved As the world turns could that be why my daughters name is the same as one of the girls on that show. No not Lisa. That house was cozy and we did hate to leave it to move back to Pueblo.

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Christopher said...

I've enjoyed your house stories. We too have glowing stars on the celling for our kids. my girls room is painted in a castle theme . . .I should post pictures of it. now we thinking about moving and a new start in life. this has been our first owned house . . . a nice little home on a culdesac (sp?). we lived in two apartments, duplex, parsonage, and a this current house in our brief 9 year marriage. why do you think young couples get so eager to move and take on new adventures? oh, I pray mostly in my mind and sometime aloud when no one is near . . . in church I like to cheat and pray with my eyes open . . . I would like to hear more stories about your hubby's call to preach. God bless you blog grandma.