Friday, August 26, 2005

What a Mess

Because of moving I can't have SBC global anymore they aren't in Canton. In fact there isn't a DSL. I have to go back to a dial up. I tried to connect to People PC on line and that was a mess they took my credit card numer and I had a terrible time canceling it. I conacted NetZero and they were suppose to send me a CD. I got a CD in the mail the other day and didn't pay any attention and of course installed it. It was a PeoplePC not Netzero I promptly deleted it but I can't get rid of the home page. The People PC home page won't recognize any blogspots. I have to go the B and click on the replys to even get to my own page. I haven't been back to Canton to see if Netzero has sent me the CD. I won't have this e-mail after the first of September. My e-mail will be That is if I ever get the CD.

The front end of my Tarus was vibrating really bad it started when P was here last July 4th. It got steadily worse. Yesterday coming from Canton was really bad. I took it to Ford Dealer today. Problem was a seperated tire. I took the car in at 9:00 am they called me about 10:30 am I told them I would call them back. I did about 11:00 they were suppose to bring me my car. I finally got them to return it about 1:30 pm. (Why we changed to italics I don't know this computer is doing crazy things. The B doesn't work half of the time. ) Took the car to Discount tires for 4 new tires. We didn't need that expense right now. When we bought the car they put very cheap new tires on it. We got about 38,000 miles on them so I quess that was pretty good. A lot of people were in there with seperated tires, I wonder if it is the heat.

Finally chased down the maintance guy I have been chasing him all week. He finally took down my shelves and mirrors. It took him about 30 minutes while I was waiting for the car. I rolled up all my area rugs and tied them up. Just two more days until moving day. I can't wait.

Lets see 52 years ago I was in the base hospital at Cherry Point N.C. with a brand new baby boy. I couldn't wait until I could get home with him. One of the corp men was carried him down the hall like he was a football now you could see he then you couldn't. Corp man was a very large black guy I don't know how he wound up in the maternity ward. Babys older brother was thrilled to have someone to play with. Brother would crawl into his crib and share his rasins with him. I don't know how he survived. Lets see that birthday boy should write a book about military life in the early 50's. My friend Annie could give him lots of insights on the Air Force Life and I could add the Marine Corp. Life. Now that would be a story.

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