Thursday, September 01, 2005


Well we are in the new house. Boxes, boxes everywhere, I may never get them put up.

Spent all morning cleaning on the apartment, I doubt if I get the deposit back. The stove and refrig are clean but rug needs shampooing.

I tried to install netzero dial up along with my dsl and quess what it wouldn't and knocked my dsl off. I have so much time talking to those turkeys to get it started again. I just left it. I had to completely uninstall all of the dsl before I could install the dial up. Dial up is slow but it is all I can get at the present.

The manager of Canton Lakeside Village is a doll. Every bathroom had toilet paper. Kitchen had a roll of paper towels and a basket of handtowels candy, duck food, and some jam she had made. What a way to be greeted to our new home. The moving company sent a 65 year old man and a kid to move us. The tempture was 100 degrees. They were surprised that I had everything boxed. It still took them all day. I had to pay for 10 hours of work and boy did they work in this heat. They left 4 boxes on the truck. I kept asking if that was all and was assure that yes it was. Well, the next day the older fellow brought me my 4 boxes. Wasn't that sweet it is a 30 minute drive from the warehouse.

I have the tempture at the new house on 78 or 79 and I'm freezing. I can even breath at night. D said the new house is 2000 sq feet, maybe. I know it is bigger than the house on 67th. I'm trying to wash dishes every night before I quit for the day. This being without a dishwasher is going to be a chanllege.

Moved just in time, gas is going crazy. When I drove into Terrell today gas was 2.54. When I started to leave a couple of hours later the lowest I could find was 2.57. Most of it was 2.68. Boy am I glad not to have that 25 mile drive every day.

It is past bed time.


Aunty Pesty said...

I am back! School is going fine with me, except I cannot hang out with my friends for lunch. Today I dragged into the office and it was for a stupid reason that almost everybody was accused of because of B lunch, but I have A lunch. Anyway that was cleared up and my schedule was changed for second semester. They added a credit to my transcript, but that was for the freshmen. I have a full schedule for both semesters again. It would have been nice to have late arrival in the second semester so I can spend more time with R.

MsPenni said...

Glad your finially cool. Hopefully I can come by tomarrow and help you unpack some. Yesterday, we went to Tyler to see about refinancing the house. We may not be able to because it's on the market, the guy D is working with is calling countrywide to see.

It's first monday weekend, I don't have a lot of money, but I have enough for those yummy cinnnnnamon pecans.

Working today, I have a great load, with good babies.
Don't wear your self out putting things away.

(I can't believe you cleaned the apartment.)

Greek Shadow said...

Glad you're moved in. Take your time unpacking and don't tire yourself too much. Gas here just hit 2.99, and the line at Sam's Club was unbelievable because it was 2.77. I'm on foot as L & E are driving to work. It's a good thing I didn't go to another school.

Grinny Granny said...

Gas hit $3.09 today. And they say it's going to continue going up. I think we need to call our senators and tell them to release the stockpile that was put away for a rainy day. There's no reason for these prices to be going up so high so fast. It's been a busy week, but at least it's a long weekend. I think E is going to start riding the bus to work and I will drive the car, leave the car at the shopping center for E and ride the bus home, just to cut down on the amount of gas we use. We may try it next week. Trying to find ways to cut expenses and make up for the high gas prices and the heating bill this winter. We had a shower last night, well on the way home from work, but none at home. It stopped right at Ladera Golf Course. Just confirms the fact that we live "on the wrong side of the tracks." Still don't have my project done at work, don't have my supplies yet. Oh well, maybe I can get it done next week.