Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rita is really scary

As Rita moves toward Texas it is picking up steam. The model looks like it will land on land just west of Houton. Unfortunately Lake Jackson is in that area. D family from Lake Jackson arrived today. They are worried about there house and belongings. Two kittys made the trip very well and seem to be adjusting to the house cats. Michelle didn't want to go to school today I quess because she knew the girls were coming. It was strange she kept reminding me that it was time to go to school. When we arrived she didn't want to get out of the car. I parked and tried to get her to walk from the gate into school. I didn't go dressed to go into the school. Her teacher came along and took her in thank heavens. That will teach me not to dress before taking her to school. I'm going to have almost a whole month of taking her to school. We have to work this out some how. I wonder if all the talk of the hurricane has scared her. When we got home from school the girls were there and she was very happy.

Hubby and I put up pictures my tole work and some curtains. It took all morning, then took blow up beds to P.

I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about my tenant homeowners. I had not changed it from Terrell to Canton. It was too easy just one call to my insurance agent, (which was new not the one I bought the policy from) she took care of my problem. I hope it covers me. With the wind and the rain that the TV says we may receive we may need it.

P and D want us to come over there for the worse of it. They aren't use this house is torrando proof and I'm not sure either.


Greek Shadow said...

By all means weather it out with Penni. Take lots of candles, board games, batteries and other things to keep you busy until it's over, but it would be much better for Dad to be around other people at a time like this, just make sure he has a room he can go too if they become to much for him.

Aunty Pesty said...

Hi. I have been busy with school and golf. I'll blog sometime today. R is being a little brat when ever E is not here. And how do you expect me to know all the answers to the questions about my brother?! E hardly talks to me about that stuff.

Grinny Granny said...

I agree with P, you should take shelter with P and D to get through the worst of it. Hope you all don't get cabin fever. R is just a pest at night when E is working. P finally put him to bed a little bit ago, at about 7:30, because he just wanted to sit and fuss and make noise. Had the day off yesterday, went out and played golf with P and E and relaxed in the afternoon. Back to work today.

Grinny Granny said...

Eddie doesn't spend much time on the computer. He does things around the house when we're all gone to school and work. He doesn't like to sit around and watch TV and such, he likes to keep busy and do something constructive. I know M has said something to him several times about blogging. I'm not sure he's ready. He hasn't seen Steven much since he started working. He's working every day this week except for Sunday. Jn decided this afternoon to do a 12-page paper. He usually decides that on Thursday, not Friday afternoon! So, needless to say, it was a busy afternoon. M went to work with me. Today was an in-service. I thought Jn was going to send the three of us girls to the State Fair this afternoon, but with having to do 12 pages, that took care of that! Hope the storm's not too bad. It's cloudy here, with some scattered showers, but they're all around us. Went right by us last night.