Sunday, September 04, 2005

Finally back on line

Was it really wednesday the last time I could get on line. I have been working for 2 hours trying to get connected today. I have tried several days and couldn't get on line. I haven't figured out what I did to get on line today. So I may never get on line again. Boy is dial up slow.

Still unpacking boxes. The living room is full of empty boxes. I promised to save them for P and I am waiting for D to come pick them up.

I have spend most of the day looking for the consumer report books. We have to buy a TV and a micro wave. I either threw them away or I have packed them in some stupid place. I may try getting online Do you think they have that information on line?

Well, just to let you know we are still kicking.


donl said...

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Greek Shadow said...

You just got hit by a spammer. You may have to go to verification too. Go to your setting and there is one that says verification you just click on the yes. Under the comment is a trash can click on it and you can delete the mannerless piece of dogspit that spammed you, click it again and it will let you get rid of it permanently.
I'd just go to Fry's and see what selection they have. Don't necessary buy the cheapest TV or Microwave, but you should find a good one. Try to get one that is not very complicated, I know easier said than done, but the fewer whistles and gongs the better for Dad.

Rob said...

I'm glad to hear you're ok and back online!

Rob of UnSpace