Friday, September 23, 2005

Gorgous Sunset

I am sitting at the kitchen table blogging and watching the most beautiful sunset over the lake below our house. I have taken several pictures with my ditigal camera if they come out I will try to get D to help me post them.

Today was a day of prepartion. We brought in all the patio furniture, trash barrels, and the storm door we haven't put up yet( boy was it heavy we had to have help with it.)

I have extra food, water , batteries and have packed a small suitcase for P. We will go over there tomorrow.

P worked today so I haven't heard from anyone. D was suppose to be home all day today to get there house ready.

I have paid all the bills on line so that won't slow us down.

Quess what Holiday Inn in Norman just got around to billing us for one of the rooms for June. They show us there in September, but I went back and checked and they had only charged us for 2 rooms so we did owe for the third. I'm just paying it, they had better not charge any more. I knew the front desk was messed up there but not quiet this bad.

I'm trying to catch up on laundry so that we won't have lots of dirty clothes if we don't have lights. When I took dirty clothes out of the hamper they were full of ants. I put one of the ant traps in the bottom of the hamper I hope that works. After this storm I am really going to have to try and get rid of the ants around this place.


Tim said...

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Greek Shadow said...

Hope you're all hunkered down and safe.
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sawyer99diana said...

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