Thursday, September 29, 2005

6:30 am is too early

That's what time I have to get Michelle up to go to school. It has been a job getting her out of bed. It is almost as hard as getting her to go to bed. So far everything has been going well for her stay. Hubby and I have had a tummy upset I don't know what it is from. I'm still having some trouble today but not as much as yesterday. Ginger tea has been helping.

We finally had a rain storm last night the lighting and thunder were bad just as I was trying to go to sleep. tempature down to 63 degrees this morning when I took Michelle to school. It is suppose to get to 85 today. Well that is better than the 100 to 105 we have been having. Fog was on the ground yesterday so it was hard to see to drive. We went by the house last night to see about the animals. We left the cats in the house I'm glad we did as the thunderstorm was pretty heavy.

Have to take hubby to Dallas tomorrow to doctor to see about his sinus.

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