Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tempture 100

It is the middle of September and the tempture is still 100 degrees. No one else is looking foreward to Hurricane Rita but me, it has to cool this weather down.

I am runing out of time to empty that shed, it is impossible to work in there. I tried working in there a couple of mornings with tempture at 70's and in 30 minutes I was sweating up a storm.

I am slowly getting things setup here at the new house. I'm going to have several days to just get things put away that I have brought home already. I have been trying to put up the drapes that I have remolded for the fourth time. I can't find enough drapry hooks or rings. I know there must be a big bag of them somewhere in that shed.

D mothers stuff is arriving my the truck load I have to get that stuff out of the shed. I wonder if I need to hire someone to pick it all up and bring it over here. The last move was $600.00 I don't know if I can afford any more.

D was over and fixed my phone lines and installed the two news ones I needed. P thinks I need to complain to Verzion that there serviceman didn't fix my problems. I now wonder why I am paying for service when I'm not getting it.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday on the telephone talking to relatives and friends. I need to do that more often.

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Greek Shadow said...

Don't you read your comments. Ruth called and is trying to get ahold of you. I left you a comment yesterday to e-mail me I will give you her e-mail