Monday, September 26, 2005


P has been trying to get me to change my blog background for sometime. I just figured out how to do it. I hope this is easier to read.

Spent part of saturday at P. Her lights went out about 3 pm and we couldn't get the little battery TV to work it would only get football or a spanish station. I called back to the village and they never did loose power. P and Michelle came home with us and we watch Phamtom of the Opera. D stayed at home and slept. We had some wind and rain but nothing bad, I have seen worse here. When we started home Michelle couldn't find her flip flops, she tired to turn on her lights to look for her flip flop and of course we didn't have any. She cried because she didn't have any light. We found her some shoes and we came back to grandma's. I don't know if I'm up to a whole week of her. Oh, yes I am looking foreward to us having a lot of time together.

We went through P trunk of fabric and nothing there that is really usable. I still haven't looked through mine. I need to do that today and see if there is anything usable there. Need to grocery shop today have to have lots of things a little girl will eat. Her lunches at school are paid for so I won't have to pack lunches.

Saturday night I had lots of fire ants in my bed. P and I tried to get them out but I slept on the couch in the living room. Yesterday I striped the bed either washed or ran everything through the dryer and sprayed all the room with bug spray . D gave me some new spray to try. I have to get all of those devils out of this house. The ant traps don't seem to work at all.

P sister-in-law seemed to go to Arkansa right into the path of the hurricane. I hope they are alright. It is suppose to cool off later this week, yesterday it was 102 in dallas. I still need to get all of my stuff out of the shed. It is just impossible to work in there when it is so hot.


Greek Shadow said...

Like your new format, it's a lot easier to read. Glad you weathered the storm. L's going to be sending you a box of Dixon's apples sometime this week, hope you like them. Check with the nursery's out there to see what they have that works on fire ants. You don't want to mess with them. Rowland's here has announced they're going out of business. Quite a shame.

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