Friday, September 30, 2005

Busy Day

We drove to Dallas right after taking Michelle to school. The 18 wheelers on 20 and 80 just get thicker. It is really a challenge to drive through the work zones with all those trucks.

Hubby is reaping the rewards of his short boxing career. The middle cartledge in this nose is in the shape of a S instead of the single line. He has some nasal spray to use if that doesn't work it could mean surgery.

I finally got my doctors office to call me back. They only had the old telephone number. I had called two weeks ago and left my new address and telephone number on there answering machine. I quess no one took that information down. They send me a letter to the old address on the 21 of the month. It is now the 30 of the month and it still hasn't arrived. I don't know what these people here think mail is. They don't think it is very important thats for sure. I seem to have a cist on my left kidney. My doctors answer to this is to have physical therapy. I have appointments for both of us with a new doctor here in Canton. I hope this works out for us.

We managed to get back in time for Michelle's program. Michelle received an award for Good Citizenship. She was so pleased, I took some pictures I hope they will come out.

P and D called today to talk to Michelle. She is fine with them being gone, she didn't want them to leave. We are taking her to Tyler tomorrow to her favorite Pizza place. I hope to pick up some fabric for the new dresses we want to make. I need fabric for a new robe for her.


Greek Shadow said...

Maybe having Dr's closer to you will help.

Aunty Pesty said...

I don't have all the answers for you about E all the time and he hardly tells me anything anyway. We just had a good storm here and I love the weather here. Have fun with Michelle!