Friday, September 09, 2005

Have the Answer

I have now found out why I can't get on the internet. I only have one telephone cord that will allow my computer to contect to the internet. You know its the shortest one I own.

Telephone company was out today and fixed both of the other phone jacks. Now I can use the computer in all the bedrooms. I ask about a phone jack in living room and kitchen. This phone company gets $91.00 per phone jack. We thought gas was highway robbery how about telephone companies. If I can ever get D without an install maybe he can install them for me.

I'm still unpacking boxes. If I ever get the kitchen and dinning room put away maybe I can work on the office. Everything just gets dumped in there.

We had Michelle all day Thursday, I had a ultasound in Dallas and she went with us. When we got home she was on my bed watching TV and went to sleep. She sleep until P came after her. D called awhile ago we get Michelle again tomorrow. I brought some of her toys over today so maybe she won't be too bored. She loves my garden tub, she thinks its her private pool.

P has chemo again Monday, so we will pick Michelle up from school. I hope this chemo doesn't make P as sick as it did last time.

Hubby said it was too hot for hair today so he had me take him to the barber shop and they shaved his head and beard does he ever look funny.

I bought a new TV at Frys it is only a 27 inch. But it was the biggest one that would fit in our entertainment center. D hooked it up for us it has a good picture. I couldn't find the Consumer Report Book I may have thrown it away,or else it still packed somewhere. I used an 6 month to 18 months old consumer report magzine to buy it. But so far I am please with it. Frys didn't have the micro wave I wanted and the people in that department were not interested in helping me. D was in there shortly after I was in the same department and they wouldn't help him either. That is two sales they lost in a half a day. John on of the resident managers carried the TV in for us. These managers are so great nothing like Terrel Senior Terraces. Hubby managed to get the micro wave out of the box in the car and into the house. Oh, yes I bought the micro wave at wally world. They had the one that Frys didn't for 15.00 cheaper. I got my bed back from P so now all I need is a head board. I looked a little this morning but didn't find anything.

Surprise, surprise, I got a letter from Terrel Senior Terraces they are going to refund my deposit. I quess cleaning did pay off, even if I did kill myself doing it. The chek is supose to come from some other office. I'm not going to hold my breath until it comes.

I'm way behind with blogging on Bruces and Pats blogs. Maybe that I know how to get on line now I can do it more often.


Grinny Granny said...

Sounds like things are going pretty good, considering. Glad you got the microwave you wanted. I'll bet it's nice to actually have some space now, after that tiny apartment.

I'll bet B does look strange with his head shaved. E and R went and got haircuts the other day and now their ears stick out! E is working tonight. P, M and R went over to Family Dollar to find R some more toys to play with outside. I went to work for three hours this morning and then went to Mom's. She had a hearing test and ordered new hearing aids. Wow! Is that ever expensive! She does have a significant hearing loss. But she didn't wear the hearing aids she had. They are now digital, so he said she wouldn't have as much trouble with them with the loud music at church. But then she's not going to the same church, so that's not as much of a problem.

I guess you heard that the pastor of FBC resigned. I don't know yet what's going to happen with them buying that property on the west side. I think they're going to try to get out of it.

Just relaxing since I was gone so much of the day. Just put some laundry in the washer. Last week was crazy, at least this next week should be more normal. I may actually get some work done on my mailout!

Aunty Pesty said...

Thanks for the advice. My friends all have been telling me to ignore it and not get upset over it. This week I have not heard it and it has been perfect.