Saturday, September 17, 2005

Somewhere in time.

'All week I have been living somewhere in time. August 1953 we were in Cherry Point, NC and I was about to give birth to my second son. This was just the time TV was getting started. We only had radio and not much on it. When you are busy with a 18 month old, radio is the last thing you need. Military personel were coming through the housing area, MEMQ and cutting down limbs and removing all kinds of trash and etc. We couldn't understand what was going on someone finally told us a hurricane was coming. I had no idea what a hurricane was, a big wind with water. How could that be, we were 10 or 15 miles from the ocean, rain Oh, I had been in rain storms before. We were waiting for grandma and grandpa F to come for the new birth to help with the first son. I had stocked the refrig and panty with all kind of goodies. I know grandma would like to cook.

Friends living in one of the quonset hut they had turned into housing arrived on our doorstep with there 1 year old. They had been told to evanuate and had no place to go. We were in a wooden duplex and considered safe. When the storm hit the water can though the windows and doors like they weren't there. Crazy me I was saving the floors and window cells from being wet and used every dry towel in the house. Now we had no electricity, no washing machine, no refrigerator, no stove. Just lots of spoiling meat and milk. No way to cook anything. No clean towels no way to wash the dirty ones. Friends went home to see what there house was like. Hubby had to go to work. Grandma and grandpa F arrived in this mess and I don't remember much else about it. We did get electricity, I went to the base hospital and P was born. Grandpa F, hubby and B went fishing and B caught his first fish. I think B has been fishing with grandpa F some after that. I don't think either of the boys are much fishermen.

Anyway Orphila has been causing trouble in the same place again as it did in August 1953. P blew in with a storm and has been a stormy soul ever since. I hope you are reading his bog Captain's Log.

Before we left NC about a year later. A neighbor got the first TV we ever saw, I can't believe we watched the snowest show out of Washington DC. TV has gone a long way in teaching us about hurricanes and other disasters but not in how to be prepared for them. I'm still watching all the problems on the gulf coast the world seems to have forgotten about NC.

We finally had rain on Thursday it didn't last long it did come down pretty hard for awhile.
We woke up to rain Friday and it rains for alittle while. It was cool enough that I went to P to the shed and brought out a car load of boxes. So much we left out there is ruined. The mice have really been into everything. There still must be mice in there Ginger came in and sat looking at a box I couldn't move and he wouldn't move. When I was ready to leave ( after I sweat buckets) I had to pick him up and throw him out, he still wanted back in.

D is suppose to come Sunday and straighten out my telephone mess maybe I can get on line more often. This sitting on the side of the bed and using a TV tray to blog on is for the birds.


MsPenni said...

Did that horrible smell go yet?
I don't know how you and dad can stand it. D and I would be getting the manager back under there or calling the animal control. If it starts making you sick, get out and come to the house. I'm at work, but D doesn't mind you going over.

Grinny Granny said...

I enjoyed your reminiscing. Your description of P blowing in and being a stormy soul is right on! I guess the stress is taking its toll on me now. I have a cold sore right in the middle of my bottom lip. I look like I have a fat lip! I've been putting stuff on it ever since I felt it coming up last night. Need to record a few things in the checkbook and see how much money we have left to buy some groceries. TTFN

Greek Shadow said...

What do you all mean I'm stormy I'm the most reasonable, even tempered, calm mannered person I know. I'm also very humble.

Greek Shadow said...

Just got a call from Ruth. She gave me her e-mail address. e-mail me and I'll give it to you, don't want to post it here.