Monday, October 03, 2005

Almost late to school

Oh, to wake up being almost late to school. I took a sleeping pill last night and didn't wake up until 7:10 this morning. Michelle has to be at school at 7:55 and it takes 20 minutes to drive her there. I really had to get Michelle going fast. She wouldn't eat or drink anything before she left. She has a water bottle in her back pack.

Yesterday Michelle finally made contact with the little boys next door. We had about 3 hours of runing and yelling. They had fun but it was hard to Michelle settled down to go to bed last night. She cried because I told her there wasn't time to watch cartoons.

We went to Tyler Saturday I brought quiet a bit of fabric. I hope P likes some of it when she gets home. I know we brought my notebook with all the paint samples in it back with us. I can't find it any place. I'm still looking for it. I even called Hancocks to see if I left it in Tyler and I didn't. Now I have to find more paint samples and start over again looking for drapes and etc.

P comes home late tomorrow night, Michelle won't get to see her until Wednesday. Michelle is faithly marking off each day on our callendar. She didn't seem to miss them too much until this weekend and then it got to her. Playing with the boys last evening helped.

We sprayed inside and outside today. We had a lot of little ants in the master bathroom last night and this morning. I hope this at least slows down the ants they are wickly little critters. I know living in the country means lots of critters. But, it just brings back memories of Corrales and our problems there. When P was a baby we moved to Corrales and woke up with ants big red ones in bed with hubby and I. They were coming up the cord to the electric blanket. P was still in a baby bed so we put the posts of her bed into coffee cans of water to keep them out of her bed. The beautiful adobe house had brick floor that they had laid in sand without a cement pad. It was early spring and when the level of water in the irragtion canels came up so did the ants come out of the ground. We didn't liev there but a couple of months. When the hurricane was coming through here a few days ago. I had ants in my bed. I sprayed inside the house last week. The ants were back again today so we sprayed inside and outside this time.

Oh, well so much for the past.

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Aunty Pesty said...

I had some days when I was late or almost late, but made it to school. This year it is hard to be there on time with all the kids hanging out in the halls and crowding the halls. That is the biggest problem at school. Most people walk then they stop in front of you and it drives me nuts. These days it seems that little things make me really tired, maybe it is because R is here with us and tiring us out everyday. The days seem longer than usual. In English class we are doing sonnets and I am writing one about Shooby. It has been hard, but I think I am doing alright. TTFN.