Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Car Problems

The little engine light came on, on my Tarus. I finally found the time to take it in. Not only did I need a new senor but a new drive belt. I looked into how much we had paid to have work done in the last year, $1700.00 in the last year. I hope nothing else goes wrong for a long time.

Monday was chemo day, every time I go with her they really ignore her when we get back into the chemo room. If I go again and it happens I won't be quiet. They make us wait so long and then they leave and go home and we are still stuck because of there fooling around.

I finally have all the shelves and cinderblocks to finish up my bookcase all around the dinning area. Tomorrow is push day to get all the boxes empty and put away.

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Aunty Pesty said...

Hi. Nice to see you blogging. School is going good. Listening to Elvis right now and it has helped me think. Mistress is on my bed right now and being lazy. R is just being a pest to all of us. I would love to have the days back where he would not come back to my room and bug me. My past came back again Monday, but that is the only day so far that has come. Well I have talked enough. Talk to you later. TTFN.