Friday, October 14, 2005


Well, we got through the week, but ended up with a cold. I have felt lousy ever since I got the flue shot last week. Or, it could be the crazy temperature, some times its 60 degree and then its 85 degrees.

Still putting things away, I'm back to bookshelves out of cinder blocks, just having trouble finding cinder blocks. My roman shades came in this week, we got one up yesterday. Still have one to put up over the sink. Had to move drapery rod brackets, they were too far apart. I am slowly getting rid of the ventian blinds that I hate. I have three of them off and replaced with roman shade and drapes. Found some nice drapes at Garden Ridge last Monday, I can't figure out how to put the tie back cords on.

The light on the Tarus that says emissions needs attention came on. I can't figure out how to get it into a dealer to check it out. P works tomorrow so we have Michelle and we have to take P to Dallas on Monday. I'll call Terrell tomorrow and talk to the guy that helps me. I don't know if driving it will hurt. The Ford dealer here is lousy. They don't know anything.

I'm getting panicy that I won't have the house together by the time the gals get here for First Monday. I have the computer room full of stuff I don't know what to do with family pictures, picture frames and desk junk. I can't believe that last Sunday I had every thing put away and the house straightened up. Putting up drapes, roman shades and bringing the rest of the boxes here has made me start over.

D gets home in the next few days, I know Michelle will be glad she has really missed him. I'm still concerned about how the situation with G is going to work out. I'll just keep my distance while she is here. That presents a problem as our 55 wedding aniversary is during that time and we won't have anyone to celebrate with.

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MsPenni said...

G leaves earlie on the 24th, we will still be here to celebrate with you.