Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hair Care

Once again I have tried to find someone to solve my hair problems. My hair and this climate do not mix. My heart surgery a few years ago changed my hair completely. After taking care of my own hair for 60 some odd years, I am at a loss. Dumb me I have put my trust in too many well meaing beauty operators who don't have a clue either. I had a hair cut shortly after I moved down here and she just chopped it all off no style just short. Then I tried again in Terrell what a mess. That gal bleached my hair so bad that it wouldn't take color. I just kept putting more color on it trying to get something I could wear to my grandaughters wedding. I have just been asking people for references. I wound up with a little girl that made the mistake of putting a dark color on my hair. Then we couldn't do anything about it because my hair was so badly burned it was frizzing. None of these people charged very much for there work. I didn't make price my determination, I quess I should have. Looking at yellow pages for 4 different counties, it was just like throwing darts at map. This time I choose an add that said they fixed bad dye jobs. Just looking at the add I quessed that she was expensive. Well she was at least knowledgeable about what to do with my problem. She put two different conditioners and cut my hair and sold me conditioner. Over 50 bucks but oh, if it only works. But the hair cut is about the same as usual. P is going to be disappointed, and I didn't tell her how to style it.

When to meet our new doctor today. I think his is going to be alright. They were giving flu shots so we got ours today. How much easier than last year but they say we are going to be short of flu vaccines again this year. I had a thought for you, is the government trying to solve their aging population and medicare increases by killing off as many of us as possible with a flu epidemic?

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