Sunday, October 23, 2005

55 years ago

October 23, 1950, I was in the Moave desert for the first time, sleeping in a small trailer with my father, mother and soon to be mother-in-law. The next day with hubby we drove toward Los Angeles silly us thinking we could go down the pass from the desert and see the ocean. We stopped in San Bernadino at a church to get married. After the brief service we walked out into the bright sunlight of Southern California just as school was getting out. We drove on to Los Angeles to spend the night. Ambasdor hotel for our wedding night. I don't remember much more about the trip. We went back to Barstor where we began our married life. My father bought us a 1936 ford coupe as a wedding present.

October 23, 1005 we are in Canton, Texas in what is called a modular house but considerable bigger than the little travel trailer in California. Gray day today wind blowing and only about 60 degrees. Spent the morning at Wally World shopping. D and P and Michelle came over for awhile after they took G to the airport. We spent a pleasant afternoon.

55 years later 4 children, 6 grandchildern, and 1 great gran. Putting pictures up yesterday of kids, grandkids and etc at all ages. Fun to see Bruce at 6 months and another when Billy was little sitting in a field of blue bonnets. Several pictures of Steven as he was growing up. A picture of Eddie when he was about 5, hubby took the picture of him looking into Grisoms cardshop window. Eddie is a father now and Grisoms is long gone, replaced by a Walgreens, is that progress.

Tomorrow should be a cool day also. We seem to have gone from hot summer to winter skipping fall altogether.

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