Sunday, October 23, 2005

Long Day

Didn't sleep any last night. I read most of the night. I'll take something tonight so maybe I can sleep.

Yesterday I finally found some drapery rings. Just big wooden ones with little metal rings on the bottom that look like cup hooks. I had to go to 4 places before I found them. They were just unfinished wood. I had to buy some gold paint and paint them. I may never throw any thing away again. The rings were $32.00 and the paint was $4.00, I bought 2 packages of drapery hooks. I don't remeber how much they were. I finally got the drapes up in the bedroom and the ventian blinds down. I also spent most of the day puting up pictures. I just need to get rid of the ventian blinds. I hope just calling the managers they will pick them up.

I still need to try and clean the carpets some. I have another week before the gals get here from Albuquerque. The computer room is still a mess. I did get the utility room cleaned up. I should have all day tomorrow after we go grocery shopping.

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