Sunday, October 09, 2005

Calm before the full week

I'm lazy today in view of the busy coming week. Nice that Michelle is back at home. I love her dearly buy 24/7 tires me out.

Tomorrow is P chemo so that is a full day in Dallas. Michelle is going with us as there is no one to pick her up after school. Tuesday I have a truck coming to move all the rest of the boxes out of the shed. I have cleared up the dinning area so that we can hopely get all the boxes there. Wednesday, I have a doctors appointment in Tyler, I am due for shots in my knee again. I am looking foreward to that my knee has been killing me. Thursday is dental cleanings and massages. We don't have another free day until next Friday. P wants to work some this week, it depends on how hard the chemo is on her this time

My hair is doing better maybe the expensive hair treatment is going to work.

P and I were talking about P, L and family coming for Christmas this year. P figure out how much it would cost to drive out. I can't think of a better Christmas present than to have Ps family here for christmas.

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Aunty Pesty said...

Hi. My grades are really good. Dad was saying that we are staying here for Christmas. I would like to go over there to see M and P and D and grandpa. Today was a better than yesterday because I was not talking at all yesterday. Dad has finally taken the cell phone from me and I cannot wait to get it back so I can keep in touch with all my friends that I don't see anymore. Me and D were supposed to see a movie sometime this weekend, but my cell got taken so I couldn't tell her because her phone number is in the cell and I have not seen it since. I might get it back next month if I am lucky. I have talked enough. Talk to you later. TTFN.