Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Four days before M day

Can't wait until we get moved. I have had to go to Canton every day since Saturday. That's a 50 mile around trip. We have to pick up Michelle today and check our mail at the post office. My computer is running very funny, I think I may have a bug or virus or what ever. I'm going to have to buy a new virus program.

I quess I waited too long to order wedding pictures I hope K can get some for me.

Helped P clean house yesterday it is hard to keep a place to show. If someone will only look at it, of course the minute you don't keep it ready to show. I keep forgetting how a 5 year olds bedroom gets. As I remember I had a 5 and a 3 year old at the same time double trouble to mess up things. P birthday is in a double of days. S birthday is just around the corner. I quess I need to get cards off to them.

Hubby is doing pretty good considering we are living amist all the boxes. Packed most of the closet this morning. I have been chasing the maintance man for 2 days trying to get him to commit to helping this weekend. I give up I found an add in the throw away paper I quess I will call him tonight. I quess I can take most of things down except the mirrors, quilt rack, and front screen. Boy am I not going to try and clean this place up, they are really being Sheety, around here.

While time to go after Michelle.


Aunty Pesty said...

Picking up after R is hard enough as it is as a two-year-old. I wish I was there to help pack, but I have to go to school and get an education and graduate and see Egypt. So far I have ran up the bill by $10 and they are not happy and neither am I.

Grinny Granny said...

I'd almost be willing to help you move just to get out of the office. But that's not the solution. I do have vacation I need to take, it's just harder to take vacation the last half of the year. See my blog for more. TTFN