Friday, July 29, 2005

July 29,2005

Hallelujah!! They have the utlities in to the new modular house. People can move out of the one we are to get into the new one. That means we can move the end of the month. Now I have to find out how I can negotiate out of the lease. I have done so many improvements that they need to pay me for. Maybe I'll just take them down and take them with me. I'm going to print out a list of everything I have brought. I quess I can't charge them for the cost of the labor I paid to have them put up.

The posting on mainstreambaptist from the Washington Post is very scary. How can our govement do business that way. Oh well the price they pay for hammers and toilet seat should give me some clue. They keep wanting my retirement money and social security money through more taxes that I paid tax on once.

I see Sen Fist is now on board for stem cell research, it is about time. Of course Tom Delay is still backing the president.

Michelle is going on an overnight camping trip with her daycare. I hope she doesn't decide she wants Dad to come after her when it gets dark.

Oh well, just another weekend of packing hubby is getting hemed in with all the boxes. Hubby is really out of it today. I showed him a dinning table and chairs similar to ours that are still in storeage at P. I was trying to show him how much they wanted for it. He thought I was wanting to buy it. He didn't remember that we had one already. We only made it through half of the air conditioneed first money building. Both of us were having problems with our back. Next week is doctor week I hope to get some answers about my back. This moving and hauling boxes around is not helping. I may try to get in the hot tub when the sun goes down its 95 degrees out there and 6:00 pm.


P.M. Prescott said...

You might try to find someone to help you move all that stuff. Don't try to do it all yourself. Wish I could be there to help.

grandma1 said...

I'm just packing, we are living among the boxes. Your father is a little upset about that but I have cleaned out a corner of the living room and put all the boxes there. I'm got some things packed in the closet and I am going to start puting boxes and suitcases there. When I get trhough there will just be a few things hanging everything else will be packed. I will get someone to pick it up and move it and set up the bed and etc.

Greek Shadow said...

Now now Mother, I know I've gotten mad at some of the idiots that heckle Bruce, and even flamed a few, but don't go pestering them on their blogs, it gives them too much importance.