Wednesday, July 27, 2005

July 27 2005

Today is a Michelle day. P is working so Michelle arrived at 6:00 am the first I knew was the TV going on full blast. She watched TV until almost 8:00 and then went to sleep for over an hour. We have sure missed her. P enrolled her in kindergarten yesterday. She will be going to Canton public schools which costs 350.00 a semester as she is out of district. All this means I will be running the school bus to and from school some.

I'm still packing the living room is mushrooming boxes. I had to go buy more sealing tape yesterday and of course Home Depot didn't have the kind that doesn't stick to its self, so I did myself a favor and bought masking tape . That worked last time we moved, was it just a year ago that we moved from Albuquerque. It seems like a million years ago, surely we have been in horrible apartment for a million years. I am trying very hard to not call the lakeside people to see if they are really going to have that house ready for us. If they haven't started by the f irst of August we are going to look for something else. Almost all of the dishes are packed and I've started on the pots and pans, all the tupperware and plastic are packed. All the books and knik kacks are packed. Most of the office is packed, just leaving out files and computer and one printer. I packed two large suitcases of winter clothes the other day, still have lots of clothes to go. We may be sitting here with everything packed and no place to go. Everytime I go to look at rentals they all want you to move tomorrow.

Went to Fry's yesterday to return P computer. There is only a 15 day return policy on Fry's products. I had a hard time getting them to agree to exchange the computer have to mail it today. The return guy said he had only heard of two other computers that had our problem and that was some time ago. I can't say I believe him. We were going to buy a TV from them but I'm having second thoughts.

Well up and at them now.

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