Friday, July 08, 2005

July 8,2005

P is off to Dallas again for chemo, Michelle is with us for the day. Oh well another day of cartoons won't hurt.

Now that the kids have come and gone its time to start packing. I have spent the last 6 months trying to pare down and squeeze everything into this small apartment and now I have to pack it all up again. I have just been reading some blogs on faith and I quess I don't have enough. I am scared to death to put in a 30 day notice here and not know when I can get into the house in Canton. It's going to be expensive to buy out of here and move and if we have to stay in a motel a few days it will get more expensive. But how will I handle the storeage of the furniture? If you can't read this it is because Michelle is laying on me.

We took the long way back from Canton yesterday and discovered a state park at the lake to the north of us I'd include the name but I can't spell it.

We stopped at Hamms Orchard and did they beautiful fruit. Lots of peaches, plums, strawberries, blueberries and two kinds of cherries. Sorry, we didn't find them before the kids were here. Frys's had a 4 page flyer on specials today, hubby through it away early glad he did I might have found something to buy. D was here and saw the boxes that P and L had brought computers on the 4th. He was disappointed as I was that we paid twice as much for our computers as P and L did.

Well, its non quess I ought to do something besides blog.

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Greek Shadow said...

Two kinds of cherries, oh my, well it would have been nice.