Friday, July 22, 2005

July 22, 2005 h

We looked at houses to buy yesterday. Saw two houses that I really liked. We could afford both of them but the taxes on the expensive one are just outragous. One son says go for it and of course the other one is doom and gloom for the economy. I'm just afraid that if we buy a house in Canton we have it for life. The neighbor in the expensive house has 5 houses for sell in a small area. The White one that would be best has only 2 houses in a wide area for sell. I can't see that the market in Canton is very good, too many people are trying to get out. Something has to be the matter. It remains to be see if P can sell her house. It's been on the market a month and no one has looked at it.

Drove by the house on the lake that we have a deposit on. They have not started putting in the utilities. We have only 30 days before we are suppose to move. I can't see that they are ever going to get it done. We looked a little for another rental but there doesn't seem to be very much. Can't understand that 10 miles north there are lots of rentals and very few for sale. But Canton has loads of houses for sell and very few rentals? What is wrong with this picture?

It is kinda like who has a crystle ball. P doesn't know why I want so big a house. After this little apartment I can really use every single inch of 2,000 square feet. I quess I want too much. I want big closets, a large master bed room and a yard with trees, lots of trees.

One thing for buying is not having to move so many times, I am really tried of moving. I know we have too much stuff but I have got rid of so much and there is still too much, including all the stuff still in storage at P.

D had his surgery yesterdy he seems to be doing well. I can't image they let him come home the same day as his surgery. Michelle comes home tomorrow, we have missed her. We won't get to see her until Monday as D brother and family will be here over the weekend.

Hubby is getting very short on his memory. He didn't seem to remember us putting the deposit on the rental house. His blood sugar is too high not dangerous I quess but not in the ideal range. We did our shopping for the weekend so I quess we stay in and pack this weekend.

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Grinny Granny said...

Hi! Got your package today. Thanks for the pecans! And I guess the other is some kind of chocolate. Looks like it melted a bit. Things are going to start getting busy. Hopefully, E will have a job soon. P and I will go to the Minister and Family Retreat Aug. 4-6. It's here at the Sheraton Uptown. We were going to take M with us, but she is going to stay home to keep R if she needs to. She may come up some during the day. We'll be staying at the hotel. M registers for school on the 3rd. She says she's looking forward to seeing her friends. I told her she needs to get good grades and pass this year, so she can graduate. We'll see! R is being a pest tonight, he always wants me to hold him after I get home. And when we all sit down to watch TV, he thinks he has to have attention from somebody. But he is a 2-year-old!