Tuesday, July 12, 2005

July 12, 2005

More doctors appointments yesterday , it just took all day with Michelle in tow. P worked yestday and I quess again today as I have not heard from her.

Its time to start packing boxes and I don't look foreward to that. Drove by the new house last night, it needs a back screen door so I may try to take this one. They haven't started any new work on the new house that need to be ready before we can move into the old one. I'm going to move the last few days of August so that we won't run into the Labor Day Weekend. I'm going to move then even if that house isn't available. Michelle needs to start school the middle of August and I need to be there to help see her to and from school. Also I need to be settle before D mother arrives the end of September, I'm not looking foreward to that event. I wonder if the kids are selling the house because of the problem of her and her thinking it is her house.

Hubby is doing fine, I finally got prescriptions for both of us yesterday I hope to have some new doctors before long.

I talked to Bilie the other days and she reminded me that changes like moving event that ALZ hubby has cause probems. I hope because he wants this move as much as I do that it won't bother him that much. He will miss the swimming pool but I understand they will be closing it labor day. I discovered yesterday that another renter is moving out in our same little group. They have moved her husband out of the nursing home and so they both have to relocate.

I'm now certain that my sleepness is related to the air conditioner. It gets so hot before the A/C comes on that I wake up sweating and have trouble going back to sleep before the A/C comes on. I hope the new houses A/C is better than this one.

Time to get in gear and got something done blogging is taking more of my time every day.

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Greek Shadow said...

E is still on hold at walgreens. The background checks are in, but the manager hasn't decided who to hire yet. He went our yesterday and put in more applications. M is helping with R which is better than nothing. I'm sending them both down to their grandmother's today to mow the lawn, cut tree limbs and anything else she needs help with.