Sunday, April 02, 2006

I need your help

I was thrown a curve yesterday. The manager of the lakeside village we live in offer me a much larger house in the edge of the woods. I have been watching them move it in set it up everything in it is new. It is in a beautiful place and the front of it overlooks the lake.

Seperate Office(P) Work of Moving(C)
More Rooms (P) No Pantry(C)
Larger Rooms (P) No big tub(C)
New Heater and AC(P) Smaller Shower(C)
Wood on Back of House(P) Expense of Moving(C)
New Carpet(P) More monthly rent can handle(C)
More Kitchen Cabinets(P) No front screen(C)
More bathroom cabinets (P) Need gate on deck for dog(C)
Evening Shade on deck afternoon & evening(P) Car port farther from house(C)
Double pane windows (P) Eight steps up to Porch instead of 4(C)
Traffic for work on expansion of park
in front of house we presently have(P) Need fence to corrale dog(C)
Possibly cooler in summer because of woods(P) Change electric & phone(C)
Possibly warmer in winter tighter
windows & doors(P)
New Paint(P)

Do the Pros out weight to Cons? What should I do?

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Greek Shadow said...

Stay put. There has been enough upheaval in you life lately. You can deal with whatever problems you're having and have already dealt with, don't add more.