Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We have started

Well we have started moving. I am having to clean before I can even put down shelf liner. They are still waiting for the AC coil, so boy is it hot in there. I have one little fan that we put in the kitchen. I turned on both exhaust fan in the bath rooms. All the shelves in this modular home are pressed board. I have n3ever seen board like this. It is large spliners of wood glued together, I am sure under pressure, but the large spliners are coming up. I can't believe people even used these shelves. The spliners would tear up anything you put on them. We have cleaned out a lot of the closets. We have to leave enough clothes for the next couple of weeks. We also took a load of dishes down, packing them in linens. We have about 5 small boxes that we are loading moving, unloading and bring back to repack. The boy that has been cutting our grass is going to help carry boxes. He is off on Friday so I have to have enough packed that he can carry them for me.

I finally found the denfensive driving class that I use to take to get the discount on our car insurance. It is the 8 to 12 for the next two days. It will cut into my
moving time but I am use it will be well worth it. That leaves Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. I have the movers coming the 27th that only leaves the 28th for me to clean. The new people want to move in on the 29th and 30th. I am not sure how well I will clean this one. I am having to clean so much of the new one. I am glad I won't have the sea of boxes I had last time. I am also putting everything away when it is moved so the unpacking and putting away will already be done.

We went Monday and bought Michelle an Easter Dress, we also bought a couple of little school dresses for her. She loves to dress up in dresses for school so much. She is such a joy.

What is this education program that Bill Gates is pushing? Are they into the voucher thing or is this public education? I can't tell from what is on Oprah.


Greek Shadow said...

Hope you like the new digs.
Gates is wanting to privatize education so he can push his technology. Most schools use Macs.

Grinny Granny said...

I think the move is the best thing in the long run. Hope it all works out OK. There's some things I'd like to get done around the house here this summer. I hope E will be able to help us get some of them done. P and M think this blog is a good way for me to vent about work. I've been a little hesitant about blogging since the flack with the IMB trustee and his blog. And, of course, no one at work knows that I blog.