Thursday, April 06, 2006

Well I'm going for it.

Made the decision to move, the end of the month. The new house is much larger, newer, double pane windows. Larger heater and AC, seperate office. It is going to be expensive but I think the added room will make up for all problems. Hubby will have a large enough room to have a recliner. He spends so much time in bed watching TV that he can at least sit in his recliner. I'm going to start moving things a little at a time. I will leave the furniture to a mover.

I am having fits with my turbo tax this year. I have put the same information in twice. One time we owe $190.00 the next we owe $45.00 the figure are the same. I have decided to put it away and look again in a few days. The first time I did it they said I didn't have enough deductions take the standard deductions. Now it says I have more than enough deductions. The figures are the same, that I input, what is going one.

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Christopher said...

hmmm, go with the $45.00 figure. we've been hoping to move. dreaming of getting out of texas someday, but will i ever get the texas out of me? deduct moving expenses for next year? prayers to P and you and your husband.