Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hey my baby picture is posted.

B and K were here over Friday and Saturday. Saturday was hubbys birthday, yes it was his birthday long before it was tax day. Also before it was hubbys birthday it was the day that Lincoln Died.

B posted one of my baby pictures for me. The picture was taken in front of the brick house my folks lived in when I was born. That is the house that has the big pine tree in the front yard. As you can see the picture was before the pine tree was planted. Does that tell you how old I am. The year was early 30th's and during the great depression. My parents wanted a boy when I was born, so I quess that is why they dressed me as a little boy. I am sure that I was the only little girl of that age that was dressed as a boy. My sister 5 years older was small and had dark hair and bright blue eyes with the perfect irish coloring, when she was born. I was large with a bald head and blue eyes. What hair I had was blond and not visible. I now wonder how this idenification confused me. Too bad people can't blame that for me not being gay All of my kids were mostly bald when they were born and they were blond, blond, blond with blue eyes. Only the boy that we lost had dark hair and I never saw him. Only my mom and hubby saw him.

I quess it was a cold I came down with over the weekend, boy has it been tough, the cough is killing me. I spent all Easter in bed after B and K left. I slept most of the day, I am having trouble packing and moving. We managed two loads yesterday in 100 degree weather. We have moved one load already this morning. The temperture is suppose to be 100 degrees again today. I need to load the car down again this morning, I don't know when we will feel like unloading it.

Anyway enjoy the picture of grandma1.


Greek Shadow said...

Hope Dad had a good birthday. I saw where you hadn't blogged for a few days and figured you were busy moving. Take it easy on the move. I could airmail you M if you want her help?

SpookyRach said...

I love the picture! I think the outfit is wonderful.

Marty said...

"Too bad people can't blame that for me not being gay"


I saw the pic when you commented over at my place. My question has been answered. I love the hat!