Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Just trying to straighten out the house, put everything away. I still am moving things around sence we moved. I spent all of yesterday re-doing the kitchen. Today I worked on the rest of the house. Still need to clean and buy groceries. Number one son and wife won't be here. Number one for just a day or two to see number two son. We are looking foreward to First Monday, Joe's Crab shack and just visiting with number two, spouse and daughter.

Sadie is still being a pill, I understand this bred doesn't ever mellow out. P says she wants a hound dog that lies on the porch and sleeps. I wonder where I find one that is actually flesh and blood.


Greek Shadow said...

I could bring Lucy. She's pretty good at doing nothing but eating, barking at birds and sleeping.
Found everything on your list, but the chile rellenos. L & I both remember being able to buy frozen rellenos, but it seems no one is stocking them. I'll call Monroe's in a bit to see how expensive theirs would be ala carte. The problem will be keeping them fresh until we get there.

Greek Shadow said...

Got the Rellenos. See you in a couple of days.