Thursday, June 08, 2006

Things you find in strange places

I read alot, most of it is books from a paper back book exchange. No not romances they bore me to death. I found a new author Karen Harper, mysteries, the latest one is Dark Harvest. A mystery written about a Amish community. I need to quote a couple of paragraphs. Someone had been harrassing the Amish community mainly there young people. The undercover cop that was looking into the problem is quoted as saying about a far right group.

"I'd say they've made patriotism their religion. They see enemies everywhere in what's going on in modern society." "The Amish see things wrong with the modern world, too, but we don't hoard weapons and play soldier. I quess most folks around try to ignore the Knights, except when they have their Fourth of July fireworks show.

I just spent a long weekend with my oldest son, looking into and reading about the theocracy government that some legislators are pushing these days. Now even fiction is picking up the religion of patriotism. Can't I be a proud American without it becoming part of my Christian beliefs?

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Greek Shadow said...

sounds like you had a wonderful Brithday. We'll let you know in a week or so if we're coming out.