Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Monday was a bust

We too all the troops to tyler on Moday hubby, Michelle, GrandmaG and me. The dental visit turned out to be a consult? I thought they were going to do the work. They put it off until July 12th. Took P to Dallas for tests yesterday, Michelle was going too. I am glad hubby and I went along to keep Michelle company in the waiting room. The tests took most of the day. Went to weight watcher last night I still keep going up and down about a pound and a half. I have to be real good until P and L get here. I don't need to go backwards. Trip to tyler again today need to pick up a screen door for P to put up while he is here.


Greek Shadow said...

I asked before if M would be useful there with M2 and you said no. I'm sure she would love to stay and help watch her, all you have to do when we get there is ask.

Grinny Granny said...

I was thinking we'd eat light, for the most part. That's usually better in the heat. I've put on a few extra pounds lately, so I don't need any more or I won't fit in my clothes!