Friday, June 23, 2006

Bad Week glad it is over

Monday the trip to tyler was a bust. Tuesday we went to Dallas with P and Michelle for P to have medical test. We spent all day sitting in a Balor waiting room. I was so tried when we got home that I went to sleep about 7:30 and didn't wakeup until 12:30. Wednesday went to tyler with G and couldn't find a screen door, I have to try a mobile home supply store. We got home about 3:00 pm hubby had been without AC for three hours. The electric company had cut off our electricity. The electric company all of a sudden started sending the bill to the non existant street address. The post office was just stuffing them in an empty mailbox that no one has ever received mail in. After two hours on the telephone and the complex manager interfering for me they finally turned it on again about 7:30. We didn't have to sleep at P house with 95 degree heat you can't stay in the house without AC. The customer service guy at the electric company was so snotting, if I don't receive a bill just the time I think I should, I should call and see why I haven't received one. After all it is my reponsibility to see that the eletric company bills me at the correct address. We now know why electric and phone companies should be regulated. Both of the boys and spouse maybe here over 4th of July. NM son will be here with spouse and daughter. I can't wait.

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