Sunday, June 11, 2006

Update on Hubby

Friday we made a early trip to dallas to ALZ doc. I knew hubby's memory was going but I didn't realize just how bad it was. First hubby couldn't remember who we took cruises with, and who we were going to Okla to see. But when the doctor starting asking him questions he didn't know what the date was on Friday. Then hubby couldn't remember that it was my birthday. Hubby couldn't remember how many years he was in the Marines. Hubby couldn't remember what city we got married in almost 56 years ago. Hubby told the doc some crazy story about why he got out of the Marines. Yes, I was in the hospital when I was expecting B and I didn't have very good care but that was 5 years before he got out of the service. He did get early release to go the California Baptist College in Riverside, California. When we were driving into Dallas he told me that he liked the pink leaves on the trees. He was talking about flowering bushes. Hubby couldn't tell the doc whose birthday it was in Okla. that we went to, he kept telling him it was Jean's. We hadn't seen Jean in a year before we left Alb. and she has died sence then. He never realized who Jane was even after spending and hour and a half with her just two weeks ago. I never realized that he didn't know who we had gone to Okla. to see. Jean and I always thought we would wind up living with each other some day. I promised hubby I wouldn't put him in a nursing home until he didn't know who I was, now I am wondering how long that will be. I use to have a plan for how that would work out now I don't have anything. I know I can't live where I am there won't be enough money.

We went to church this morning hubby snoozed off and on all thru the service. The pastor tried to say he wasn't taking sides in the politics of the church but he said he was unhappy about people trying to say there was no difference in the creation of the Bible and science. Then he spent the rest of the sermon saying that the Bible was correct in every word, the dead sea scrolls proved it. No errors in the Bible every word was inspired. All of this to tell the young people that the Da Vinci Code was untrue. He admitted to seeing the movie. I think I have darkend the door of that church for the last time. I may become a methodist, I will have to try them out.


Grinny Granny said...

This SBC in North Carolina may be one with a lot of fireworks. There are a lot of issues to stir things up. There are several nominees for each office, too. So the election may be something interesting also. I'll be glad to get that over with and have a long vacation.

Christopher said...

Prayers to you and your husband. I served at a Methodist church for 3 years; they often referred to me as their token Baptist. The Methodist clergy hierarchy was my only hesitation. Some Disciples of Christ and UCC churches might be good choices for a mainline Baptist like yourself.

Greek Shadow said...

Give me a little notice when you have to make that decision and I'll come out to help.

SpookyRach said...

My dad was a Baptist minister all my life. Last year he became a Methoidst. He's loving it.

It may be a little far for you to drive, but I have a friend who lives in Athens. They attend the FBC their. It is a progressive church (the only one for hundreds of miles in any direction, I think). They love it. You might give it a try.