Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Good to be home

Well I will start again I had a long blog ready to publish and my computer lost power.

We had a good trip to Oklahoma in spite of my sick tummy the whole time I was there. Good news I lost 2 pounds by not eating if I just don't gain it back. I have to go weight in tomorrow night. Traffic was not bad except around Gainsville. We got home about 2:30. While I was starting the laundry I noticed the sticky mouse trap beside the washing machine had a very pretty striped pattern. I wondered what cord fell on the trap. While I took a closer look I discoverd a small snake curled up and stuck to the trap. I thought well that is one way of killing snakes. My entire family will tell you their mom is snake phobic. They would be proud of me I didn't scream, I didn't run, I just called hubby to see what we had caught. We didn't touch it. I called the complex manager and ask her husband to come and see the snake. Boy, was he here fast, he picked it up and told me it was a baby water snake and then it moved. Then I did freak, but I didn't scream. Now how do I keep snakes out of the house I don't see anyway it got in. Will those sticky mouse traps keep the snakes out of the house and will the next one be poisonous.

It is impossible to carry on a conversation with hubby in the car he can't hear you. Most conversations with hubby leave alot to be desired, it only leads to more depression. So, I had a lot of time to think on the 5 to6 hour trip. I have been embarrassed to tell people that I am a Baptist and use to be a Southern Baptist by choice. Now I tell people yes, I am a Baptist but a mainstream or moderate baptist. Now I am embarrassed to be an american, I use to be so thankful that I was born in america an that my husband served in the Marines during Korean War, he was part of helping the South Korean people stay free. That time in America we didn't start wars to obtain oil no matter how much we depend on oil. Yes, I do feel the pinch at the gas pump and yes we do need to find another way to fuel our cars. Our country did not torture people or keep prisoners in jail forever without due process of law. Our country did not listen in on our telephone calls, or monitor our blogs. Hubby likes to wear his flag tie and wear as much of his military stuff as possible. I know why people notice him and talk to him and he likes that. I just have to suffer the looks and the way people think. It is just part of his memory lose and Alhezimers, if people don't like it they will just have to put up with it. Maybe I am just on overload from all the information son number one gave and showed me this weekend. I quess the cherry on the whole mess was the video that showed the ministers in germany helping hitler take over germany and start WWII. Now the same thing is happening here. How do we stop this insanity. It was interesting to hear son number one talk about a time that he first heard about what germany did to the jews. I quess that I am glad that somethings that happened when he was growing up effects the person he is today, that makes me very happy. I have had several of those moments with son number two, but not that many with number one.
It helps to know that somethings you did right in raising kids, so much in raising kids is just doing what happens at the moment.

I went after Sadie after we got home and Michelle wasn't at home. When I talked to her last night she cried because I took Sadie home she wants Sadie to stay at her house. They have 9 goats and are expecting another, they now have 4 cats, P wants a guinne pig. Michelle wants a dog so bad, her Dad just can't have one around.


Greek Shadow said...

Glad your back safe and sound and had a nice trip.

Christopher said...

i relate to what you're saying: "I have been embarrassed to tell people that I am a Baptist and use to be a Southern Baptist by choice. Now I tell people yes, I am a Baptist but a mainstream or moderate baptist. Now I am embarrassed to be an american . . .," most of my church are oblivious to the right fundamentalist extreme take over in the sbc for the past 30 years . . . and we have bush advocates who believe he's some kind of josiah (yuck). and when i go to vote people assume i'm a conservative republican because i'm a baptist minister (more yuk).

prayers to you and your husband, and family.

Kim said...

You can find her at


Grinny Granny said...

I tried to e-mail you that story, but I guess your e-mail has changed. Oh, well!