Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Yeah!! I have internet again.

D got my internet up and running today. I still don't have a telephone. I called Verizone which is the only telephone company in this area. I gave them a weeks notice that I would need a line run from the Pole to the house. They gave me a date of April 27th between 10 and 12 for the line to be run. At 12:30 I called Verizone again and they told me someone would be out during the day. About 3:00 guy came out and said someone would have to run a line from the mainstreet down to the house. He but a telephone box on the side of the house that connects to nothing, no line to a pole, no line to inside of the house just a box on the side of the house. They called back later and said someone would come out on Wednesday. I got a call on the cell this afternoon asking how to get to our street. Someone was going to come out to bury the line? I ask when they would be out, tomorrow (Wednesday) only if it was necesary. I wasn't very nice it has now been two weeks since I requested a new telephone line. They assured me that they will be here tomorrow. How can they bury a line that hasn't been run?

Electrical line on my dryer didn't match the plug in the wall. I got that fixed easily but the dryer wouldn't work. I called an appliance repair company out that was $65.00 to find out that the plug on the wall is installeed improperly. I was suppose to have a fence for the mutt. I still don't have a time line for that to be done. I am having to put Sadie on a chain which I hate. I'm getting up at 6:00 AM to walk Sadie. Love the house and the room but boy have we had the problems.

Good news we got moved, we are busy unloading boxes and getting things setup.


Greek Shadow said...

Good to have you up and running again. Hope things settle down for you soon.

Christopher said...

good indeed!

Grinny Granny said...

It's always something, right?! We're planning on closing on our refinance on Tuesday. That should free up a lot of money for us each month. Pat talked about him getting a cell phone once we get this done. There are some other things we need to get done, too, once we get this taken care of. I'm glad this has worked out. We only had one small snag, otherwise we probably would have closed this past Friday. A busy two to three weeks coming up at work. Have an IMB appointment service the 23rd at Hoffmantown, so we're involved in that. Doing a color issue next week. Sign papers at our closing on Tuesday. Need to call my OBGYN and schedule my annual exam, mammogram and such.

Greek Shadow said...

I gave your blog to Nancy Doak. John Ingram was there and said hi and I sat next to Ellen Bernstein, she actually wasn't too irritating. Christina is still state pres and it was her brother that spoke. Yvonne Trujillo was on the podium, but I never spoke to her. John Mitchell was there for the seminar on NCLB, but he ignored me the whole time.