Saturday, May 20, 2006

Spent all day yesterday in Tyler, I had a coupon for some work on the Tarus. It took them 3 hours to work on the car anad wash it. The Tarus looks like new but it should have the wash job cost 20.00. They tell me the tires are out of round I haven't found out what that means. They suggested I take it back where I bought the tires. I'm not sure I can face another day of sitting in a waiting room.

We are planing on going to Oklahoma on Friday. I'm looking forward to going some place.

Hubby is getting more forgetful every day. He ask me today who we were going to see in Oklahoma? He also wanted to know who we went on the cruise to Alaska and Hawaii with?

I'm hoping our trip goes well.

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Christopher said...

i have no idea what tire rounds are . . . i'd be curious to find that out as well. prayers to you and your husband