Monday, July 03, 2006

A few minutes

I have a few minutes. Number two son and wife are playing golf. Middle grandaughter is on computer in her room. Michelle is with momie. Hubby is snozzing. I'm trying to catch up on reading blogs. We have done First Monday for three days, boy was it hot and I am tired. Going to Dallas today P has appointment with her cancer doc at Baylor. We are hoping for a good report. We are going to Joe's Crab shack afterwards and maybe do Garden Ridge. We have been doing nothing but buy buy buy since the kids have been here. Sadie the hyper active dog has been super hyper active so many people to play with. Michelle has been having a great time with middle grandaughter here to play with her. They are teaching me how to play UNO I even won a game from Michelle yesterday. Michelle is becoming a super UNO player. P worked all weekend so we haven't spent anytime with her but we still have the next two days. Number one son is in deep trouble with the main bath in Okla. he won't be able to come down. Keep you posted later.

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