Sunday, July 09, 2006

Still tired

Number two son and family wore me out while they were here. M stayed to help out with Michelle and hubby. I have found a job for her no pay but some experience, as a receptionist in our massage therapy office.

Enjoyed my family so much I knew I missed them but didn't know how much until they were here. We did keep a busy schedule while they were here.

I need a commission on the wooden trash bins, all three of my kids have one now. I really enjoy mine and I'm use they are enjoying theirs too.

We have an invasion of tiny ants, I put ant powder all around the outside of the house. I wanted to put some under the house but couldn't get under there. I have sprayed all around the inside of the house I hope it doesn't bother Sadie.

I bought some Bitter Apple the other day. I have sprayed some things, I also sprayed Sadies's mouth a couple of times. Sadies didn't like it but didn't throw and big fit. I hope it is going to work on the telephone cords and the house. She has been chewing on the side supports of the front door.

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