Thursday, August 03, 2006

School registration

Boy what a difference having a teen-age grandaughter in the house makes. On the days we don't have Michelle, she goes to work. She is learning to be a receptionist, I hope it is working. We met with the counselor at the school on Tuesday and got a somewhat schedule, but of course we have decieded on a change already. She only needs two half years of english, of course they are the second semester. She needs one elective for all year. She has to take the Texas test to get a high school diploma. So she is taking a math class to be sure she passes that and I quess she should take the science class to get ready for that test as well. Because she is riding the bus she has to fill up 8 hours a day. So she is taking sewing they call it apparel. She is taking nutrion that must be cooking she needs both of the sewing and cooking. She is taking landscaping of all things. I quess she can landscape around our modular it doesn't have anything except the few things in pots and tubs I have added. Hubby keeps adding grass seed and watering but the only thing we get is weeds. But at least that is green from all the water hubby is adding Hubby waters morning and night it is something for him to do.

Grandaughter went to dentist to have her teeth cleaned and she has gum problems. We are going to try Melalueca for 6 weeks to see if that helps before we do the gum scrap. Monday dentist, Tuesday School for schdule, Wednesday to work P kidnapped her and took her to splash kingdom for the afternoon. Boy were they pooped when they got home. I spent Wednesday sorting out all the yarn that was in hubbys footlocker. I quess I have my mothers, my sisters, P and my yarn. I tried puttng it in a big bag that you can suck the air out of but of course it didn't hold. I put it on the shelf in the closet, I hate to throw it away but I don't know what to do with it would daughter-in-law like it for her plastic canvas? I want to paint the trunk and see if I am steady enough to tole it. We saw one at fist Monday that was really cute and expensive. We have had that stupid trunk hanging around for 56 years and hubby had it in the marines 6 years before that, does that make it a antique. I want to use it as a quilt trunk at the foot of my bed.

Question how do I go to school with a teenager in highschool and see that she gets registered correctly? She is not a 6 year old going into first grade. I have to let her be responsible. We finally got a bed frame for her bed. We now have a bed frame, metal springs, plywood and mattress. I am hoping it will be a god bed for her. P made a headboard for her kingsize bed and she has some plywood left over we may try one for M. We still need a mirror for her room I hope that is the last thing. We still need comforter and drapes does it ever end?

We have been practice driving that is driving me crazy, she is doing pretty good. Just needs lots of practice. Tomorrow she works again and this weekend is first Monday so we will go to that some. Lots of laundry and housework for the weekend. Michelle will be with us some saturday and all day sunday. D has a booth at first Monday this weekend hope it works out for him. P has chemo on Tuesday, Sara is setting up a date at the local teen hangout with her and a friend that goes to the highschool M is going too. We hope to have M a friend at the school before she goes the first day. Two grandaughters in the house are keeping me busy.

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wow join my life only need one more. hang in there.