Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Counting down

We are counting down until school starts. We braved the stores at the outletmall for the tax free weekend. We bought panties and bras so that we don't have to wash every other day. We went to Ci ci's for pizza after shopping, that isn't going to help my diet. We had a good rainstorm on Sunday evening. The lights were out about an hour and half. M and I played Trivia by candle light, the game must be old, old we bought it at a yard sale and the questions seem to be about the 70's. We aren't doing too well but it was fun. We may have to try it again one of these days. M is having some down time before school starts next week. I' m desperate for someone to cut my hair so that I can take care of it. I would even have it done every week if I could find someone that was interested. I can't believe a place that you have to have lived here 20 years to get anything done. We soon will be here 2 years and we are still having problems. Oh, well maybe we will learn more and be more accepted with a teenager in the house.

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Grinny Granny said...

I thought she had enough panties, I bought her some before we came home! I sent her bras in the box, too. But I guess she's probably changing clothes more often than at home because of the heat and humidity. Speaking of humidity, we have really had it here! We have had a couple of days to dry out a little. P is trying to get the air conditioner fixed. The two little portables don't quite cool things down enough. And with the humidity so high, the swamp doesn't do much anyway. Getting ready to start the next paper. Will stop by to see Mom after work today. P was going to the dentist this afternoon to get his bridge, I think. He's having meetings at school and off campus all week, start classes on Monday!