Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Once Again

Oh, no once again I am shopping for school supplies while wading through baskets, adults, kids and total madness. At my age why am I doing this again, M really needs this chance. She has two different calulators on her supply list, also welding gloves, leather toed shoes and a 30 yard measuring tape. She is so exited about school, today was the first day, she seems to be fitting in realy well and making friends. Teachers seem to be friendly to her, so maybe they will keep her interested.

The bus comes about 7:30 in the morning and she gets home about 4:30 in the afternoon. We are practicing driving every time we get. She has driven on a two lane county highway twice. She has driven on a 4 lane state highway about 20 miles. She has driven from the drug store to the postoffice. She drove from Walmart to Burger King parked and backed out and drove us home. I don't know if they will make her paralel park but she does everything else pretty well. TV was saying that a teenager needs 30 hour of driving before you turn them loose. I'm not sure how many hours we have in. I made her pratice driving around the curving edges of first monday parking lot a couple of times to get use to controling the car.

I hope I have my finale dentist appointment tomorrow, it has been a rough two months. I just hope the bridge is more durable than the temporary has been, it keeps fallin apart. M goes back the end of September.


Greek Shadow said...

My temp fell to pieces too, the permanent is alot better.
My daughter in welding gloves? I'm glad I won't be around when she turns on a welding torch!

Greek Shadow said...

We got the calculator and I will mail it off to you tomorrow after school. It should be there either Monday or Tuesday depending on you mail service. Damn it was expensive.