Wednesday, November 29, 2006


My sailing mates on this cruise!

This is the first of our British ports. We walked off the ship to a shopping area at the end of a very long pier. We sat at a little out door refresfment stand, as you can see we were drinking diet coke at $2.00 piece. While we were seated there someone started smoking mariwana (sp) you can't mistake that smell. D and I visited several shops one of them had name brand clothes Levi, Liz Clairborne and etc. The prices were out of this world. I quess the prices reflect the fact the conversion ration is $2.70 EC equals 1 US dollar. This was a very old wooden two story store. It smelled and reminded me of dry goods stores of my childhood in Pueblo. When we started back to the ship a little shower came up. D and I sat under a porch and waited until it stopped raining. It was all over with in about 10 minutes. Hubby and J walked back in the rain.

Island was developed with sugar cane as primary crop, using slaves as labor. Slavery was abolished in 1834. The way the name of the island is pronounced was in debate. British mispronounced it as "Antee-ga", most of us say "Antee-wa".

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