Thursday, November 23, 2006

First Port

St Thomas was our first port. The only American port we touched on this cruise. Sugar Cane plantations settled this island in the early 1600's.

We took a van tour at this port. We had to walk about 3 blocks to get to the van, which was open and very warm. The van was driving on the left side of the road. Why this is an American port, but they drive on the left like the English. I was sitting on the last row and next to the traffic. It was very scary to see all the traffic coming at you from that side of the road. We did miss the school bus that appeared out of nowhere. The gift shop was the nicest one we were in for the whole cruise. Beautiful island, they had a hurricane that caused a lot of damage, most of the damage had been repaired. Van driver couldn't thank President Clinton enough for the help in rebuilding after the hurricane. Van driver pointed out the side of the island that Oprah, Tigger Woods and President Clinton stay at when they visit the island.

We found the lounge at the front of the ship. This is a lounge with lots of windows and comfy chairs. When the ship pulls up to the dock this gives you a great view of the port. Also, when we are at sea it is like looking out of the windshield as you drive over the waves. We spent a lot of time in the comfy chairs and watching port live and the waves.

Sorry, I tried forever to post some of my pictures, but I can't master it. We will have Thanksgiving tomorrow at P. P had to work today. I will try to get D to help me post some of my pictures.

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