Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 9, 1932

My birthday, some standout in my mind but most of them were just another day.

My 9th birthday my mother was busy getting a formal for my sister for her first formal dance. My birthday was completely forgotten. My grandmother reminded her of the day and she said. " well, I was going to get her some war stamps but I forgot."

My 18th birthday my boyfriend took me to dinner in a Colorado Springs restaurant which had been a old church. I had a special dress orange with white flowers down the side one of my special memories.

My 21st birthday I was pregnant with my second son. We were living in military housing, outside our house was a gardenia bush. Hubby brought me a flower off the bush.

My 75th birthday Penni gave me a garden party for my birthday.

This birthday was quiet and happy I had dinner with second son. First son called and we had a nice chat. I answered phones at the church all afternoon. I walked Missy when I got home before I went to bed.

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