Saturday, June 19, 2010


Just read my e-mail from son-in-law. My sweetpea grand daughter won't get to come this year. She has summer school and David is getting married. He has a lot on his plate he is trying to work and go to school. Sweetpea has been a handful this year.
She has had so much happen in her life. 2007 hubby her playmate for all of her life died. Eight months later I moved back to New Mexico for reasons I have stated before. I had been a steady presence all of her life. Her momma died in 2008. She moved from the house and school she had known most of her life, last summer. I am not surprised she is having trouble in school. She has had so many disruptions in her life

I understand the financial problems and the time restraints. I feel like I don't have that many more summers. My oldest great gran isn't getting to come this summer and now my sweetpea. I am just devastated.

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