Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cave Towers --Cedar Mesa Utah

About 60 years ago the Reader's Digest published an article about ancient, square, stone towers. The Anasazi built these supposably for defense. They showed signs of a fire. They found a lot of arrow points. Archaeologist seemed to think a battle took place and the people that survived left the area.

Sixty years ago my sister and I spent an evening eating buttered crackers, and drinking tea. We were reading the article about the stone towers. We wondered where the stone towers were and what happened to the defenders of the towers. This was a memory very firmly etched in my mind.

I opened my Archaeology magazine today and found a small article. Talking about Cave Towers also called Mule Canyon Towers. These are along the mesa tops of the Utah/Colorado border.

This ruin is not high on the list of developed sites. The site is very fragile and visitors are not encouraged. The archaelogist still haven't discovered the answers to my questions of 60 years ago.

The mystery continues and small articles 60 years or so apart still keeps my interest in the stone towers. I know where they are and that it wasn't my imagination that they do exist.

At times in the past I have often thought that it was my imagination that the stone towers existed. Now I know that they do exist. TTFN.


P M Prescott said...

With Mesa Verde not far away it's not surprising that they would be overlooked.

Anonymous said...

Cave towers;
ive been to Cave towers many times and they are still there but i wont give directions because of the obvious