Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Music 1950

New Mexico is sunny and warm this year for December.

The first year I was married 1950 sunny southern California. I was certainly not feeling like Christmas. (I was use to the hussel and bussel of the music store. With Christmas song being played on the outside speakers so all the bus transfer people would it enjoy it. That also made them come in and buy the latest Christmas records.) The radio in the car was playing Christmas music, hubby and I were singing along. It began to feel like Christmas. We bought a puppy for our Christmas present darling red cock er. Unfortunately she had worms and didn't live too long.

Grandson found some old Christmas cassettes in among the Christmas stuff. Tennessee Ernie Ford's album. Brings back memories of driving to Long Beach to a barn dance and seeing him. It was way before he was popular,- but what a thrill.

Christmas treat for the Marine base was Bob Hope. I was allowed to attend with hubby we were on the first row of bleachers. Hubby had his feet strung out in front of him they were just seating people behind us. No one should have been walking up the aisle. Someone stumbled over his feet and almost fell we did know who it was until he went up on the stage. Hubby's claim to fame Hope Bob fell over his feet.

We are playing Christmas music at home now but I do miss the Four Freshman album that we played so much on the record changer in Colorado.

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